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How to avoid holiday cottage booking fees

Posted on January 6, 2016 by Alison Shawcroft in Gites in France

How to avoid holiday cottage booking fees – a few easy steps

Holidaymakers – save yourselves lots of £s!

Well, they’re all at it and, quite frankly, I’m fed up with it.

Why, as a holiday maker, should I be paying an advertising agency a fee to book a holiday cottage on their website? They already make money from the holiday cottage owner, who pays an annual fee or a commission for advertising on the site. Since when is it right to charge the holiday maker too? Never, I say.

So, how do you get around this? It really is quite easy. If you have to search for a holiday cottage on one of the main holiday lettings sites then do so. But then take a little time to avoid those nasty fees if you want to book the holiday cottage on line.

  1. The advert will no doubt give the holiday cottage a name, for example Bridge Cottage, and also a location, for example Eyam, Derbyshire.
  2. All you have to do is put Bridge Cottage, Eyam, Derbyshire in to a search engine and, if the owner has their own website (and most of them do), it will come up high in the rankings.
  3. Click on the website and book direct. I actually did this using this example and saved myself £60, which paid for a nice meal out whilst on holiday.

So, there you go. Click on the owner’s own website and BOOK DIRECT – you just pay the rental and NOTHING to the advertising website, just as it should be (and indeed used to be, before people got greedy).

The big advertising websites have only gone down this extra charging route as they’ve sold out to private equity investors and need to pay them back a return. They’re not providing any extra service, they’re just trying to screw every last penny out of internet users to line the pockets of their investors – they’re not working in your interest at all.

Which is why at LoireLife we operate on a much fairer basis. A small annual fee for the advertiser and nothing to pay for the holiday maker. It’s a simple, low cost model and it works – let’s keep it that way.


Moving to France in 2006 and leaving corporate life behind, we started running gites and then created a Chambre d’Hote.

Almost ten years on, while still running gites, the Chambre D’Hote specialises in theme holidays, welcoming people from around the world.

LoireLife provides a place for others to advertise their gites in the Loire Valley, without the high commissions that larger holiday lettings websites charge.

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