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Cadre Noir 2017 Season – Saumur, Loire Valley

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The Cadre Noir

The Cadre Noir are the teaching staff of the French National Riding School.  World famous in the Equestrian world, the Cadre Noir are based at Saumur in the Loire Valley.  Saumur is one of the centres for Equestrian sport in France – so if you love horses – this is a must.

Of course, a whole equestrian industry has sprung up to support the Cadre Noir, so you’ll discover stud farms and rolling hills filled with thoroughbred horses in the beautiful rolling hills south of Saumur.

Cadre Noir Guided Visits

Guided visits of the Cadre Noir stables in Saumur (Loire Valley) continue through the year.  (One hour duration)

From 4/02 – 1/04 – 10.00,11.00, 14.30, 16.00

From 3/04 – 17 /09 – 10.00,10.30,11.00,11.30,14.00,14.30,15.00,15.30,16.00

From 18/09 – 11/11 – 10.00,11.00,14.30,16.00

Cadre Noir 2017 Season

The Cadre Noir 2017 season, with special events and shows, has just been published. Below is the summary.

1 Hour Demonstration of the Cadre Noir’s young horses in the main arena – 10.30am – 11.30am.

Feb 16 & 23, March 2, April 8 & 15, May 4,11 & 18, June 8,15,22 & 29, July 6,11,15,20,21 & 22, August 3,8,10,14,17,22,24,29 & 31, Sept 7 & 28, Oct 26.

‘Le Primtemps des Ecuyers’ – a special show displaying the Cadre Noir and the horses of the Camargue

April 21 & 22 – 21.00hrs, 23 April – 16h00hrs.

‘Au Coeur du Grand Manege de Saumur’ – the History of the Cadre Noir

May 26 & 27 – 21.00hrs, May 28 – 16.00hrs

July 28,29 – 21.00hrs, July 30 – 16.00hrs

Sept 16 – 21.00hrs

Sept 17 – 16.00hrs

‘Les Musicales du Cadre Noir’ – The Cadre Noir & Orchestral Ensemble of Paris

Oct 13, 14 – 21.00hrs

Oct 15 – 16.00hrs

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Who are the Cadre Noir?

Saumur has been home to the military School of Cavalry since 1783.  After the defeat of Napoleon Bonaparte in 1815 and the decimation of the French Cavalry at Waterloo a small group of instructors was established to reform the french cavalry.  This group of instructors became the Cadre Noir – deriving their name from the colour of their uniforms.

After WW2 and the gradual demise of horse mounted cavalry apart from ceremonial duties the French National School of Riding was formed around the Cadre Noir and so it became and civil and military organisation under the control of the Ministry of Sports.

Today, there are about 50 horses and a team of elite riders, with some of the riders reaching the highest level at Olympic or World Championship level.


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