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Commissions are killing holiday lets

Posted on January 22, 2018 by Jon in Uncategorized

Give your hard earned money away

Each time you pay a commission or booking fee to a large holiday lettings website you are

  1. giving your own money away and
  2. taking money out of the pocket of the owner of the holiday rental

Who knows where the money ends up? – but for sure you don’t have it and the rental owners don’t have it!

Do it differently and eat out more

On the commission you pay you can dine out at least a couple of times while you are on your holiday.

Commissions slowly kill the industry because it’s money the owner could have re-invested in maintaining and improving the property that is sucked out of the system.

The internet originally enabled people to find a great vacation rental and then deal with the owner direct – cutting out the middlemen who added no value.

No Commission – Ever

LOIRELIFE enables you to deal direct with owners and in doing so we will never ever charge commission to either people looking for a holiday property or those who own them.

Our owners pay a small fee to list with our site and that’s it.

We wont become billionaires, but do you know what – we don’t care!

Be Smart!

So next time you book a holiday let – just check out the commission you are paying and think to yourself – how many meals could I buy with that?


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