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  • Chartres Cathedral, Eure et Loire, France  Photo:

    Chartres Cathedral, Eure et Loire, France Photo:

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Eure et Loir

The Eure et Loir department is the nearest we get to Paris in the Loire Valley.


So, if you are thinking of gites in Eure et Loir, a day trip to the capital of France is not out of the question.  Take the train for the most relaxing way of doing this day trip.

The most visited tourist sight in Eure et Loir is Chartres Cathedral.  Considered to be one of the finest examples of French Gothic architecture and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the majority of the original stained glass windows survive intact.  The cathedral itself has seen only minor changes since the early 13th century.

The cathedral has always been an important destination for travellers.  It attracts  Christian pilgrims, seeking to see its famous relic, the Sancta Camisa, said to be the tunic worn by the Virgin Mary at Christ’s birth, as well as large numbers of tourists who come to admire the cathedral’s architecture and historical merit.

Chartres itself is pleasant to wander around and has a number of museums including the Musée des Beaux-Arts, Le Grenier de l’Histoire Musée (a museum specializing in military uniforms), a workshop-museum devoted to stained glass art, the Natural Science and Prehistory Museum and an agricultural museum.  There is plenty to see inside if it’s raining!

In Chartres itself the Eure River divides into three branches and is crossed by several bridges, some of them ancient, and is fringed in places by remains of the old fortifications, of which the Porte Guillaume (14th century), a gateway flanked by towers, is the most complete specimen.

There are a number of other major towns in Eure et Loir that it could be worth renting a gite near.

Châteaudun is a Loir riverside town famous for its château, which is a mixture of medieval and Renaissance.  Close to the château are the Grottes Foulon, caves that were opened to the public in 1982, but have been used aas habitation since prehistoric times.

Situated to the west of Paris, Dreux has a selection of half timbered houses dating from the 15th century and the nearby Dreux Forest offers trails for hiking, mountain biking and cycling.

Located on the River Huisnes, Nogent-le-Rotrou has plenty to do.   The Château Saint Jean dominates the town and narrow streets fan out from the centre of the town.  Activities include golf, bowling, horse riding, walking, caoneing/kayaking on the river.

If you’re on the look out for Loire Valley Chateaux then in Eure-et-Loir these would include Chateau de Montigny-le-Gannelon, Chateau of ChateaudunChâteau de MaintenonChâteau des Vaux and  Chateau de Villebon.