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There are many gites in Sarthe and Le Mans, with demand highest whenever Sarthe‘s most famous export is on, the Le Mans 24 Hour endurance race.  Held in June each year it attracts thousands, but you’d never know as the circuit and surrounding area just seems to swallow everyone up.   If you want to experience the event, why not rent a gite in the Sarthe near Le Mans and roll everything into a longer holiday exploring this part of the Loire Valley?
The major town is Le Mans, which although has an industrial reputation, does have a fantastic Medieval old town, centred around the Cathedral and is enjoyable to wander through.
There are also Chateau in the department including the Non Prescription Xanax Online and the  Cheap Alprazolam From Mexico.  Le Lude is one of the prettiest, situated on the banks of Le Loir.  Other attractions include Zoo de la Fleche, Papea Parc,  Musee des 24 Heures-Circuit and the Abbaye de l’Epau
Sarthe doesn’t have La Loire running through it, but it does have Le Loir, one of the smaller tributaries winding its way through its rolling and sometimes hilly countryside.  Where La Loire is majestic and wide Le Loir is more understated and perhaps prettier.  The countryside often reminds me of the south west of England – lush fields often with cattle and dairy herds.  Its also an area famous for Pigs and pig related produce, in particular Rillettes and Rillauds, one shredded pork served rather like a pate, the other pieces of thick bacon lightly fried and served as an aperatif.

Can You Order Xanax From Mexico

Donjon du Ballon, Sarthe, Loire Valley, France

Buying Xanax Online Cheap

Chateau Le Lude Sarthe Loire Valley France