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Zoo Parks in Loire Valley – 50 Things to see on a Loire Valley Gites Holiday

Posted on March 5, 2015 by Jon Lethbridge Old in Loire Valley things to do

You’ve rented a Loire Valley gite – what do you want to do?  Loire Life presents 50 things to see in the Loire Valley & Vendee regions of France.

Zoo Parks in Loire Valley , France (No 3)

Rent a gite in the Loire Valley and you’ll find yourself near at least one of the great Loire Valley zoos in this area of France.

Loire Valley Zoos - Doue la Fontaine

Loire Valley Zoos – Bioparc – Zoo de Doué la Fontaine

BIOPARC de Doué la Fontaine – 103, rue de Cholet – 49 700 Doué la Fontaine

Our personal favourite zoo in the Loire Valley, and one where our family pass lets us drop in for a wander throughout the year.

The zoo is built on the remains of a quarry and this has enabled amazing habitats to be built for a wide variety of animals, including big cats, rhinos, hippos, monkeys, bears, giraffes and much more.  The habitats are large and many without fences – the monkeys are only yards away from you, housed on islands and prevented from escaping by the water.

There are picnic areas and a restaurant which overlooks the giraffe enclosure – if you’re not paying attention you’ll end up with a giraffe tongue licking your shoe whilst you have your coffee!

The zoo makes for a full day out and even in peak season absorbs the crowds easily.

Loire Valley Zoos - La Fleche

Loire Valley Zoos – Zoo de la Flèche


The second most popular attraction in the Pays de La Loire region of France the Zoo at La Fleche has over 1,200 animals and 120 separate species.

The cost in 2014 was 20.50€ for an adult, which of course includes the various feeding shows that the zoo schedules throughout the day.  Easily a day’s worth of animal viewing including a polar bear which you can see underwater whenever he takes a dip.  There are also glass fronted areas for penguins, otters and sea lions, while you can also be within inches of other animals’ dens, including the panthers and tigers.

Loire Valley Zoos - Beauval

Loire Valley Zoos –ZooParc de Beauval

Route du Blanc, 41110 Saint-Aignan, France

The most famous Zoo in France and well worthy of the honour.  The animals are housed in very large areas, cleverly designed to allow you to see the animals close up without large fences.  The range of animals include pandas, bears & big cats.  The zoo is heavily involved in breeding endangered species which it is then able to send to other zoos.  The entry price in 2014 was 26€, roughly equivalent to UK zoos.

Useful tip – If you’ve travelled to France with your dog then you are allowed into Beauval zoo with a dog on a lead – however just check that this is still the case before you make a long journey to visit the zoo!



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