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Rochemenier France – 50 Things to see on a Loire Valley Gites Holiday

Posted on January 13, 2015 by Jon Lethbridge Old in Loire Valley things to do

What do you do once you’ve rented a Loire Valley gite?  Loire Life presents 50 things to see once you have arrived in France.

Rochemenier  Loire Valley  France (No 1!)

The most cost effective way of building a home – dig a dwelling underground and sell the excavated stone.  So effective, that for hundreds of years this is what inhabitants of the Loire Valley did and in the process created vast caverns, underground caves and here in Rochemenier, an entire village.

Started around 700 hundred years ago, and lived in until the 1960’s, the troglodyte village of Rochemenier is a well known attraction situated between Angers and Saumur.  Troglodyte is the french term given to these cave dwellers and their dwellings, which were hewn from the local ‘Falun’, a soft stone composed of shells.  A visit to Rochemenier gives you the chance to wander through both the village and time – as tools and everyday artefacts from a bygone era are exhibited throughout.  For children, Rochemenier is a fascinating and fun place to use up plenty of energy exploring – there is even an underground church and farm hewn out of the rock.

If it’s a hot day Rochemenier is a great place to cool-off and if it’s a wet day then it’s a place where you can keep a little drier, but still do a day trip outdoors.

Throughout this part of France the old Troglodyte dwellings and underground caverns have been put to different uses, which now include wine caves, mushroom farms, hotels, shopping malls, a zoo and now computer centres.

See more about Rochemenier, France at www.troglodyte.info

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